Monday, April 6, 2009

10 favorite things

from oprah today....

10.motherhood is like a twelve step program.

9.the things no one tells you
how gross it is to feel the underside of your boob on your stomach
the hemorrhoids
you might hate your husband or not love your baby right away
(i always wondered why no one told me about chapped and cracked nipples... wtf!?) of my favorite tricks... skipping pages while reading to them at night.

7.mourning the loss of your old self after having a baby.

6.the little girl who sings bob marley and calls her self bob marley because she gets dreads from her mom not brushing her hair. amazing.

5.the whole conversation about sex after kids.

4.the reality that we all feel alone sometimes... most of us anyway.

3.the acknowledgment of the asinine feud of working vs stay at home mothers.

2.the idea of taking away EVERY single toy as discipline.

1.'a boner in the back is not foreplay'... AMEN.

the best part about this was that while i watched, instead of napping arabella cried for an hour in her room. precious.


Flo Oakes said...

If I was a millionaire...or even a thousandaire..I would have bought a plane ticket and come and watched this with you.
amazing. i can't WAIT to hear more.

kimberlea said...

i just finished watching it here in seattle. you should def enter the contest (or whatever it was, i wasn't paying a lot of attention by this point) she talked about at the end. you have great mom stories.

lucinda! said...

i loved this oprah show. it was everything that they dont tell you when you are pregnant. why dont they tell you these things?! and i loved that it made me feel like i was not alone in feeling/doing these things.