Sunday, April 26, 2009

7 days.

that might be a record.

i can't say that i even have anything to say now.

life can be good and you can still be in the midst of hitting the bottom... maybe its because the bottom is good. we need the bottom, without it there is no top.

i think the dirty, rock hard, cold floor of what i thought was an abyss has met my heart.

and its good.

there has been a shift in perception and the only way to go now is up.

i could sit here and explain in so many words the exact events that have taken place, but i know it would only lead to lack of understanding and at the moment a struggle for communication. when my head is clear again, i will write. for now, the inner workings are being saved for those closest to my heart, the ones who need no explanation.

just wanted to let you all know, i'm still here.


britney said...

ive never met you, but i absolutely love reading your blog. you seem like such a smart, confident, special person and i agree with so many things you have to say.
i hope everything turns out alright for you and things do get better. and i hope that you can write again soon!

Monica said...

i'm so glad you're posting again!