Thursday, April 9, 2009

the ocean saves me

sometimes i get so much feeling inside me.

feeling that isn't described by any feeling i have a name for.

when this happens my heart feels like it can't catch its breathe, like it can feel so deeply all the things running through my veins that it might burst. its not a bad feeling, its really good... its just too much.... i can only handle it for so long.

so today i had it, all day long.

at 4 o clock i put the kids in the car put on my new favorite band, who i can't say out loud because i refuse to speak in accents and i refuse to write because i want to keep it to myself. i turned it up as loud as i could, let the babies drift off and i drove through the glorious canyon to malibu... one look at the ocean and i was saved.


Sarah Corbett said...


Seth Alan Roberts said...

you can type the band name lakes without an accent. its cool.

Flo Oakes said...

haaahahaha oh seth alan.

Tamara Cimmerian said...

I completely understand that feeling. The only way I can express the "hugeness" of such emotion is to compose music about it. That's the only thing that saves me. Else, I'd burst. I think I know the band you speak of... Without giving too much away, they're my personal "victory rose."