Friday, May 15, 2009


she is getting too hilarious for me.

here are some recent quotes...

'my daddy doesn't live at Disneyland he lives at work and baja fresh.'
(yes she has started calling him daddy sometimes, although both seth and i despise it)

she was making up a song the other day and the only three things i could recognize from it were 'I'm having a baby'... 'necicita'... And 'bob dylan.'

shes been saying a lot of adorable things like 'nola is my husband'... 'nola misses me and i miss her'... 'i like her. she likes me too. i'm married to nola.'

me: ara where did you come from?! Ara: from target.

she talks in spanish a lot saying 'por favor' and 'si'... yesterday she told me 'hable means speak spanish'.

just now i sat and tried to learn something she wanted me to do for like 10 minutes and i never achieved the exact movements she wanted from me.
she wanted me to sing 'i love my toothbrush, toothbrush, toothbrush' and then wave my hands in this VERY particular way, that i was just not getting evidently... and bend my knees up and down at the same time... then she wanted me to sing it and wave my skirt around after.. every time i would try she would make a frustrated sigh and say 'no, not like that, like this' and raise her eyebrows at me with widened eyes... like, 'do you get what i'm saying now?!' .... i didn't. i never got it. she gave up and then she started singing a song about giving up!!!!



Elissa Rachael Parrish said...

i laughed so hard i cried... reminds me so much of gwen... they are absolutely and completely outrageous...

anna joy said...