Monday, May 18, 2009

preciousness and beef feasts

so we went to san luis this weekend. its weird how now when i visit i get that same feeling i had right before we moved... this tense trapped feeling, the only place i dont feel it, is hanging out at the biermanns house. that's where we stayed, i love love love staying there and it was nice to have seth with me this time and for him to get to spend time with lane.

all four girls were ADORABLE. its so amazing to see arabella and claire play... they finally pretty much just play non stop and dont fight... they had a tea party outside and dressed up in their pretty clothes. its also funny watching nola and faye because faye is more like ara as a baby and nola like claire. i'm so glad my girls have girls they can hang out with, even if they dont live close.

then ara did this...

so precious.

it was hilarious.

it was really great being there, the whole family, with their whole wonderful family.

and then came the beef feast....

thank you erin and karl for making me steak, as far as meat goes, i'm sure it was great.

here's the deal. i'm not a meat eater. i'm never going to be.

that being said, it was ok. i liked the more rare better, which is weird to me. mostly the taste was whatever, meat actually doesn't taste much compared to other foods i dont think... the texture was pretty sick... but the problem was my head. i could NOT get past feeling like i was doing something terribly wrong... and i didn't even stop eating meat for moral reasons... it was creepy to cut it, it was all just very creepy.

it was not what i have been imagining all this time.



Marianne Elixir said...

This made me smile =) Didn't I tell you rare would be better! At least your steak cravings will probably subside now =)

anna joy said...

hi skylanaaa,

i finally found this thing i wanted to show you, but i cant find the post that i wanted to comment on (it was the one about the boys killing themselves because people made fun of them). I think I already commented on that but I cant remember. But I wanted to show you this message that the LA branch of my church did at this ministry conference thingy we had about homosexuality. I know you are really open to hearing other peoples ideas and view points, and from everything I've gathered (being Christian) this is the best explanation of a biblical viewpoint on it (I've heard... and i know you have too... alot of horrible and WRONG ways to approach the topic from Jesus point of view). Anyways, sorry to be a buzz kill on this really cute post hahah i guess i'm not blog savvy enough to find the other one. heres the link to that message:

i'd love to hear what you think of it :)


MEGAN said...

Your girls kind of make me want a little girl!

Erin said...

That video of the girls dancing is so funny. I love when they are bashing their heads around. What wild little weirdos. I'm glad they finally love eachother a lot . It only took 2 1/2 years.

And the pictures of Arabella covered in powder are pretty hilarious. Yikes. That was crazy.

E said...

I'm glad we could help get the beef thoughts out of your system. :) Well, at least Arabella LOVED our free range steak!! I know it was freaking you out, but I found it pretty hilarious that she was stealing bites off of your plate like it was gold. The girl loves her red meat!