Saturday, May 23, 2009

dream big

i had a dream that one of our close guy friends was gay (i wont say who on here because he might be offended... i of course only liked him more gay)... anyway he and his partner were moving down here and i went to their house to hang out.... and his partner and i became best friends... then becky and jacob showed up. jacob came in and said becky was in the car and she had been taking shots of hennessy (something i'm preeeeetty sure she would NEVER do) and that she needed to know what to do about her hangover in the morning so he wanted me to go tell her my tricks... hahah SICK. i went out and she had colored her hair blonde and it was down to her waist. gross. and they were driving a minivan...?


anna joy said...

hahahhahaha dream big!

E said...

minivan???? hmmmm....maybe some dream friend transference??

matthew said...

i'll break the was KEVIN.