Sunday, May 24, 2009

danielle & bryan

one of mine and seth's oldest friends got married this weekend.

it was BY FAR the best wedding i have ever been to.

it was nothing like a normal wedding.

p.s. i hate normal weddings.

it was so nice to have fun at a wedding, feel like a part of it and not have to hear jokes about how shitty marriage is before reading corinthians and having an awkward alter call.

it was a 'backwards' wedding, so the reception was first. this was great for so many reasons, one being that we ended on the best note possible, the actual ceremony. when we arrived there was various food items and booze. arabella ran right up to the table, grabbed a chicken wing and took a bite.... luckily zeb caught her and seth took it. gross slash hilarious. we sat on blankets with old friends and drank and talked, ate the best carrot cake cupcakes while some flew kites. after a lovely time of eating and drinking we all marched to the end of the cliffs at montana de oro while seth and zeb played songs and we sung along... at the end they had their ceremony... which went like this...

seth and zeb in the middle of a circle of the bride and groom's very closest friends and family playing only fools rush in. my eyes might have welled with tears... not a common occurrence.

then danielle asked seth to play a song he always played for all of us ladies when we were younger, strictly a friend song... no shows. i will by the beatles.

i really almost lost it at this moment. its been a while since seth has played this song for me and as you all probably know my favorite thing in the world is being reminded of those days.

one of my favorite people in the world, and danielles maid of honor bess, then gave a toast...

and nola was a gypsy.

bess was followed by a few other dear friends and family members of theirs, a falcon who flew in the ring, and the vows (which were maybe my all time favorite vows i've heard). the entire time one of their friends was tossing rose petals over everyone and it was perfect....

i loved the exact amount of love, humor, and fun this wedding contained. it felt more real than any wedding i've been to, it wasn't about all the things weddings seem to normally be about and they didn't feel the need to be overly dramatic about what was taking place.

then we walked back to the beach, nola slept.

and we went home.

i'm so happy for danielle, i love her so very dearly... she is our sister.


E said...

So that's why you were here this weekend! That wedding sounds lovely. Seriously.

Also, I know this is weird, but I have something to say about that last picture - if you stretch out Nola's nose to make it wider, you pretty much have Arobello. I never thought I'd say that. I love that she is still being swaddled. :)

Amanda said...

You have been to a wedding that has had an alter call??? WTF

stina said...

that wedding DOES sound amazing! i've been trying to think of how to make my own not so stuffy and typical like weddings usually are and this is getting my mind going in a good direction.
very cute plaid jacket and purple hat.

Flo Oakes said...

That sounds PERFECT. I have NEVER ever thought about putting the reception makes so much sense though. That sounds great.Nola is super presh.

Erin said...

I love the picture of Nola with that scarf on her head.