Wednesday, May 20, 2009

favorite things show

today ara and i went to the park, at our favorite park there is a coffee bean and every time we go, we usually get a chocolate milk.

today we did.

and while nola sat in her stroller ara crawled into my lap and just sat there while i asked her questions...

what or who is your favorite...

boy: jahleel
girl: hallei
lady: mama, deborah & danielle (felgler)
guy: papa
show: dora (duh) & kai lan
song: cinderella song (one headlight- wallflowers)
color: purple red & pink
place to go: thai food & the park
book: goodnight moon
animal: cow (she has ALWAYS said this... which makes me just that much more devastated about letting her eat that steak the other night, when i think of it i feel sick inside)
house to go to: E's and claire's
food: watermelon, pasta, thai food & beans&rice... (couldn't pick just one... takes after mama)
drink: chocolate milk
hairstyle: ponytail
friend: claire
person to see: lane
baby doll: baby poopie (the first doll she's ever had)
outfit: pink princess dress (which is weird cause she's been wearing the purple one for a week.. haha)
shoes: purple jellies
toy: broom
doggie: genesis (i mean they do french kiss a lot)
princess: belle
prince: papa
place to be at home: the couches... yikes.
language: chinese
friend of papa: kevin (seth said 'more than matt even?' and she said 'yea, kevin' sorry matt)
friend of mama: sarah
treat: cookie
fruit: blueberries (obviously she doesn't know watermelon is fruit)
veggie: carrots
singer: jacob dylan
word: hi
real baby: faye

i love this girl. i love her tiny tiny face and her big huge hair.


anna joy said...

broom and chinese were my favorite answers!

Erin said...

O my gosh!!! That made me laugh. The one about Lane! And I like that her favorite language is chinese.

Sarah Corbett said...

this is crazy adorable. it always amazes me that they have such opinions about so many things at this age. she is so GREAT!!!

Elissa Rachael Parrish said...

i need to meet her very soon...

matthew said...

i hate kevin.