Tuesday, May 19, 2009

i'm boring myself

the inside of my mind, is starting to bore myself.

usually, as you all know, my mind is racing.. analyzing... getting crazy. lately its been very peaceful. (even with all the unnecessary -and unwelcome- drama that so constantly follows me)

its kind of shocking me. i find myself thinking of nothing, well nothing of importance anyway.. going to bed early because my mind slows... watching people or things go on and not analyzing every word, every movement. its weird, and its boring slash nice... i like it for right now i just hope its not forever. i'd hate to be losing my crazy.

like how boring is this post?

and im going to bed right now.

gross. i hope this doesn't last.


ian said...

the calm before the storm...

meg said...

I was reading through the gmail reader and it said you posted this at 5:19 AM and I was like, wait...that's not crazy that you're going to bed it's crazy that you haven't gone to bed....then I came here, and it said 9:36 PM

and I was like, "wow"