Friday, May 8, 2009

life is good

its crazy how much has changed in a matter of weeks.

i really think now that i had postpartum depression. i think that's the only explanation for how i felt, especially how i felt vs. how i feel now.

here is what we have been up to...

two cute girls always being adorable...

took a trip to cowboy town (which is actually paramount ranch)

and we've been working on getting our house the way we want it, finally

how cute is that baby in the bottom corner?!
we got that table off craigslist and we both just LOVE it.
we got that picture print from urban outfitters, which normally i dont like... but since it was a picture of bikes that look exactly like all the ones seth and i have owned and ridden together over the past 8 years it seemed very appropriate... and it actually makes a big difference. it feels very good to see bikes in our house, a part of us that's always there to look at.

i will write more about the depression and how things have changed later, my mind is still racing at the moment... i'm gonna need to talk it out more before i can write it down :)


MEGAN said...

Your daughters are so cute and pretty! I love how different they look (than each other).

I'm not usually super honest, but going w/your theme, and since I know others have left brutally honest comments, in regards to postpartum depression, uhh, duh that's what it was! What did you think it was? But, I'm thrilled for you that you are back to normal, and not feeling so overwhelmed. Happy Mother's Day to you.

AND, I love your hair color!

skylana said...

megan- hahaha.. i know... it probably does seem obvious to everyone else. i was in the dark.

Shan said...

i LOVE the pictures of you and your classic!

Erin said...

I can't even tell you how happy I am that you are feeling better. I seriously know how you were feeling... you know I do. I KNOW that I had postpartum depression. I mean you I've told you some of the stuff I was thinking... it was not normal and it totally wasn't "me", you know? I'm just now feeling a lot better about life in general and starting to love where we are as a family. I'm so glad that you are so in love with Ara and Nola now. I'm really really happy for you. I love you a lot.

Emery Jo said...

After you had nola, it seemed like you didn't talk about her very much or post very many pictures, and I was always thinking it was because you just weren't much of a 'baby' person. Which, maybe you're not, but, the PPD thing would totally make sense with all of that too.

I have absolutely loved seeing pictures and videos and hearing stories of nola lately. She is amazing and gorgeous and I feel like I'm getting to know her a little bit for the first time. And I looooooove her.

anna joy said...

i love nolas face and hand in the 10th picture lmao!