Wednesday, June 3, 2009

if its from a friend....

its not really stealing right?

maybe it is even more...

either way, i'm doing it.

i really want to hear what my readers think about this... i'm pretty sure our blogs have almost entirely different audiences. can't be certain ;)

there are some specific people i want to hear from and i think you know who you are, dont disappoint me.

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JessicaToday said...

your thoughts on cynicism i could not agree more with.
it all depends on who's making the cynical garden grow.
questioning things in life is essential; in my opinion and my world...always has been always will be. cynical? no. insightful? ya.
we have to question things as they are in order to evolve and grow and most importantly to know ourselves and where we stand on things, which shapes us into the unique individuals we all are. this is not immature or disillusioned. its essential and when done in a manner that is balanced (as you said) and well thought out, can be the greatest fuel to enable social change or personal growth.
should prop 8 have been overturned? yes. did it? no. for this i am cynical toward California lawmakers right now. but Ive arrived at this conclusion based on convictions, critical thought, and questioning that has helped shaped my idea of what I believe to be right and just.
i see cynicism in the worse sense when shown by those who casually toss it around without much thought or question as to why they feel that way.
those with (in my opinion) a limited perception, can be cynical in the most immature or disillusioned sense. constantly throwing around cynical attitudes just feeds their already negatively spun version of how the world works or treats them.
some people just look for something to be pissed about, plainly put.
overall, as long as it is put in the right place at the right time this can be a great sign of maturity.
so there's my two sense.