Friday, June 12, 2009

just like karl

i dont really know anyone in school. so anytime i think about school, or say the word school i think of karl. all day today i told ara she was just like karl.

so arabella was supposed to start on monday, but she COULD NOT wait. after we went to get all her registration papers on thursday the whole afternoon and evening she just kept saying 'i want to go to school! pleeeeease!!! i wanna go to preschool!' so i called and asked if she could start today. yes. she could. i went and got her a new backpack and a folder. i packed up her lunch and i was beyond excited.

we had pancakes for breakfast and a little photo sesh.

this was seriously the best day of my life with her so far. she was so excited that when we got there she ran right into her class room hugged and kissed us all goodbye and that was it... next thing i knew she had her own tea party all set up. fast.

my day was amazing, it felt like the longest best day in the world. i got to hang out alone, hang out with nola... AND take a shower! (without any tiny people peeking in the whole time)

her teacher said she was amazing. she went to the bathroom in the bathroom the whole time she was there and when i came to get her and asked if she was ready to go she shrugged her shoulders and looked indifferent.... i said 'wanna go see papa?'... she decided we could leave.

as i was leaving samwise held the door open for us and called arabella beautiful.

this is by far the best decision i have ever made. she can't wait to go back, and i can't wait for her to either.

when it was time for bed she said 'i want miss brandi to put me to bed'... so she likes her teacher.


i had to throw these in, they're from a few days ago... i'm obsessed.... and i can't get enough of 'princess dora' GROSS.



SO cute! I love it!

Erin said...

She looks soooo proud and excited to go to school! I love it! I can't wait to hear more about it. And the pictures of her with her princess dress AND the wig are crazy. I can't even describe in words what I think about it.

Anonymous said...

arabella sounds so much like my little girl... so independent. is ara bossy too? does she try to change nola's diaper and clean up after her?

soo cute. i love those pics of her smooshing nola's face. we were planning on homeschooling but preschool sounds tempting. haha. freeee time. and evie would love that.

is ara potty trained through the night yet? evie is all day, but not nighttime yet, just naptime.

Sarah Corbett said...

i can't say it enough...i'm so happy for all of you. what an exciting time in your lives! your little presh is growing up, and its great to watch her have so much fun doing it.

All of this pictures are insanely adorable. i LOVE your littles.

skylana said...

yes, she is insanely independent. super bossy, loves to change diapers, clean etc... preschool is amazing and knowing me... i think you need it ;)

arabella HAD to go to preschool, i know she would lose her mind if she homeschooled, as would i. we're both just insanely social and hard headed and born leaders... its intense.

Flo Paris Oakes said...

Uuuuummmmmm..... FOR REAL?!?!?!?!
I am laughing SO hard at that last princess picture...what a little seth!

Okay..and also the first one of her with her backback!?!?! And one of the late ones where she is coyly looking at the camera!?

I simply cannot WAIT for our little ladies to know each other again.
It will be outrageous.

meg said...

These are the best. I can't wait to see her all grown up this summer and finally meet that squishy face.
God this is torture, but thanks for the photos I love them.

meg said...

also, you should do "angry face" on Nola. She would look awesome.

anna joy said...

omggggggggggg the ones squeezing nola's face!!! HAHAHA