Tuesday, June 9, 2009


i feel better about writing.

thank god... actually thank people who are fucking idiots.

that's what made me not want to write and now its making me want to write.. so... perfect.

i just wanted to write about how im not on facebook anymore and i LOVE it. yes, i still think about 30 times a day 'i should update my status'... SICK.... but at least i dont slash can't actually do it. its nice to feel like my life, is MY life... not a bunch of peoples news feed. also i get tons more shit done. haha

i decided that since i wasn't going to be on facebook, i'm losing friends right and left, and i'm kind of over tv... i needed something to fill my time with.... i dont want to commit to a book because lets face it... I HATE COMMITMENT... but.... magazines? magazines are something i can commit to. (also i started smoking every night ah ah ahhhh).... so... i ordered wired, which is kinda weird... but this is one of my favorite magazines.... i also ordered ready made and time. i'm super excited. i really want an interior design or architecture magazine but since they are so expensive i have to figure out which one i really really love before i decide... any ideas?

anyway, its super good to not be on facebook. my account is only 'deactivated' so at some point i might go back... we'll see... for now, i like being a ghost.

my other project is getting rid of everything in my house... since i'm in the purging phase i'm a crazy woman. my house CANNOT get clean enough and i want every single orifice cleared out, i want total and COMPLETE organization. this can be hard when you have children and are married to an... um... artist... but i will succeed (or i will lose my mind).

hopefully the sun will come back soon and with that dear old friends.... because i'd like to go outside and i like the warmth that both these necessities bring.. but if not i will find a way to be cozy... with my magazines, cigarettes and organized closets.

in the mean time i'm enjoying myself. hanging out alone is the best thing i've ever done actually. i'm gonna soak me up....


Anonymous said...

good to hear, girl. write on. and get a book finished! AND teach me how to keep a house organized. unfortunately both my hubby and i are artists... man... sucks.

Heather said...

smoking.. I totally get it. Breathing in that nast smoke just makes you feel so much better for those few minutes. So bad but so good.

Sarah Corbett said...

its important to take care of yourself, becasue if you don't, you're no good to anyone around you. i'm glad for you, i know you need this. time to reprioritize.