Tuesday, June 16, 2009

perfect solution

this is the car seat that both my girls have. i love it. i love that its like the safest car seat ever, that its super cute and has a million cushy pillows. well, we can't use nolas anymore. if you know about britax, you know these car seats are not cheap. we are getting a check for the amount this one sells for. amazing. so i started to try and find one at a store near us so that we could get it ASAP since she technically isn't supposed to be in her old one anymore. this seat hardly exists anymore (in this pattern) and i just got one like 9 months ago!!! so i was going to get the same seat and transfer the cover.... THEN i realized there's a WAY better solution.....

the frontier.

arabella's new car seat and last car seat she'll have (god willing there are no more accidents). i'll give her car seat to nola. plus this one is even less expensive than the decathlon.

i'm sad that they wont have matching seats, and i'm sad that ara will be moving into a bigger kid seat... but i'm also really glad that we can get it for free and not have to buy one soon anyway and then have two decathlons. she's been looking rather large in her car seat lately anyway, which she's not, she still has about 35lbs to go til she's too big for it.. but still.

perfect solution.


Will McCabe said...

We got the Frontier for Aidan about 9 months ago. He loves it cause it feels like a "big boy seat" and it will be the last one we have to buy him, so we love it to. My wife did all the research, and each of our car seats have been Britax...super safe and super awesome!

Shan said...

that worked out great...i've been thinking about what we're gonna do when baby #3 arrives (in 3 months), whether we should let the older girls use their seats they have now & get the baby a convertible seat or get our oldest daughter the frontier...i just feel like it's so much safer having the baby in a regular car seat in case we get in an accident. i think this post you did helped me to decide that's what we'll do. thanks! :)