Tuesday, July 7, 2009

no, i dont have ocd.

i have a lot of systems.

especially when it comes to how i eat. there is a proper way to make a sandwich and a proper way to eat one, if you want it to taste good that is. seth doesn't believe me, but a sandwich doesn't taste the same if the ingredients are in the wrong order, or if the ratio is wrong, or if its cut the wrong way.

when i go to baja fresh, which is WAY too much, i ALWAYS get a quesadilla.

there is a system to this quesadilla and there has been for over 10 years. it has evolved as my taste has changed, but the foundation is the same and it has only been added to. it goes like this...

  • order a plain cheese quesadilla with an 80z veggie mix on the side.

*this is crucial. baja fresh sells a quesadilla with the veggie mix already in it, but let me assure you, that is not the way you want to eat it. (i have never tried it that way, for the record, but i dont need to in order to know its wrong). also when ordering the veggies on the side its very important that you order the '80z side' because otherwise you get about 10z. bad ratio.

  • get two of the tiny to go cups for salsa and fill them with salsa verde.
  • get two more and fill with cilantro.
  • one more and put 6-7 lime slices in it.

now. here is how the process of eating this particular meal goes.

  • fold quesadilla in half horizontally.
*you want to start with an edge piece of course, both edges are to be eaten first, followed by the smallest middle slice and ending with the largest middle slice.

  • place perfect ratio of grilled veggies on quesadilla.
  • top with outrageous amount of cilantro.
  • squeeze 1 lime on top.
*for the last, largest slice you will be using two limes. and there are 1-2 extra lime slices in case you run into the occasional dry bite.

  • using your fork, you place a dab of both guac and sour cream on one bite.
  • follow this with a couple drops of the salsa.
  • take bite.
now... every bite you will be repeating the guac, sour cream and salsa, everything else is fine to be added at once in the beginning.

this is how i eat it EVERY time. how i have eaten it every sitting the past 10-12 years.

today, i had to eat it differently.

i, of course, still put everything on in order, but i had to eat it flat. just flat. not bent in half because of my tooth. and let me tell you, eating it the wrong way was more painful than the tooth. it changes the texture, throws off every ratio and therefore completely destroys the taste that comes from my perfected system.

it was really hard for me.


Elissa Rachael Parrish said...


mine... and now yours. said...

OMG. totally. TOTALLY. thank you.

meg said...

I don't get what's so crazy?

Mrs. Warren said...


Mrs. Warren said...

sorry -- meant to post that link and say that i read it today and it reminded me a little bit of this blog.
so crazy and particular that it turns out to be kinda funny.