Monday, August 17, 2009


so i got an email from one of my readers that said a lot of sweet things and also this...

I was wondering if you could help my husband and I out. We entered our puppy, Rex, into the "Cutest Dog Competition" and really want to win so we can donate our reward to the IRC (International Rescue Committee). The IRC is a great organzation that works on the front lines in the Congo, Sudan, Colombia and other war torn nations. We are trying to get as many votes as we can. It honestly just takes two seconds to vote. Just one click. I know that A LOT of people read your blog, and if you could help us out by posting this link and asking people to vote, and book mark the page, and vote everyday (until Saturday) for a good cause, I would forever be grateful.

i would love if all of you, at least the people who read that are my friends in real life, would participate. i'm going to vote every day and it'd be cool if you all did also. i'd be SUPER excited if not only the people i know in real life voted but all my readers that i dont know did too. i'm posting this because it means a lot when people read my blog and it means a lot when they relate to me, learn from me or are encouraged by me... thats why i write. so if i can do something to help one of my readers, i will. also this dog is really cute, and i dont even like dogs. plus its name is rex, and i once dated a guy named rex so it must be a sign.. haha. alright welp.... hopefully you'll all help her out!

i made the entire quote a link just so its THAT MUCH easier for you all to vote ;)