Wednesday, September 2, 2009

friends is a weird word

friends have their seasons. unless they are lifetime friends. and then i suppose there are seasons also, but they are around for each one.

i'm learning more and more about letting people go, and i'm realizing that every time i have to let someone go another good one comes. i suppose that's how life is supposed to be. i dont know because to me it was new friends every year, or every half year when we moved.... its been just the past 8 years that i've kept a significant amount of friends. beyond that i think i only have two friends i've known for 10 years or more. now just one. anyway... i have come to see that it is seasonal in seths life as well to have friendships grow and then fade. its not bad... its just life. you move, you change, your time is just up, or sometimes its painful... but in the end its ok because its the way its meant to be.

and thats when someone else walks in your door, just in time. right when you need it. a breath of fresh air. it happens every time. literally. maybe they'll be around for a short time, maybe forever, either way it will be good because they're there for a reason.

i'm glad the sad part is over for now. and maybe in the future it will never have to be as sad because i'll have learned that sometimes its good to move on.

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