Friday, September 4, 2009


we woke up yesterday like any other day, not well rested with children jumping on us.

i was pretty pissed about how many times arabella had woken up and i had a head ache so in those first few minutes i forgot that it was our anniversary. seth reminded me with a kiss and a "happy anniversary, i love you." we got up and ready and seth left for work.

2 minutes later he walked back in. he came over to me and said "i need to tell you something."

ok. i thought, he kissed someone... that's ok i mean i kind of deserve it... i hope he didn't sleep with someone, he wouldn't do that, but if he did its ok, we'll figure it out. whatever it is must be huge because i haven't seen him be so frightened or serious, and its our anniversary... anything bad worth telling me on our anniversary must be terrible.

we went in our room and he stalled a bit. my heart was beating really fast and i just said "please just spit it out! the suspense is killing me!!"

"my friend convinced me to go to a stip club last night, i only stayed for a few minutes." he said

OH MY GOD. the first thing i said was "oh my god seth! dont scare me like that!!!! i thought you did something really bad! i dont care!"

it was pretty hilarious. it was pretty precious. if you know seth i'm sure you could only imagine him in a strip club and how awkward that idea is. his friends thinking was that seth is 26 and has never seen the inside of a strip club, he should at some point... and i agree. seth felt super bad. this will be one of my favorite stories of ours forever.

on our date we were talking about his strip experience and how gorgeous (not haggard at all) the girls were and how it was just super fun (not awkward, sad or thought provoking) hahah... aw. then i remembered a lovely little tidbit from my past....

when i was 16 or 17. i think i was 16 and i lied and said i was 17, either way under age, i went to the relm to get a job. now a lot of you may not know what the relm was. it was san luis obispo's downtown topless bar. nothing too crazy, just pole dancers who couldn't take their chones off. its INSANE to imagine that there was a bar like this in san luis obispo, its even more insane to think i was going to get a job there and its even more insane to think they were GOING TO HIRE ME when i was 16, 17 to their knowledge.

the funniest part? this was RIGHT before i dated luke the second time and on the outside this is when everyone saw me as super christian. i hope this helps those that still think my chrisianity was real realize that alas.... it was not.

oh the good good old days.

how gross.