Thursday, October 1, 2009

dear readers

i'm pretty over blogging.

good bye.


Meghan Elaine said...

Hi Skylana. I read your blog. I hope that's not creepy. I found it through a friend of a friend. I will miss your posts. I think you are a talented writer and I appreciate your honesty. I'm a new Mom and I now stay at home. I'd rather read blogs in my free time than watch TV. Anyway, you seem real and I loved that you say what I have often thought out loud. Thanks for what you wrote. I'll miss reading :)

Mother Victorious said...

Ahh, shame. I often read your blog and have never said hello...I will miss reading. Take care..

Elissa said...

oh don't worry. she'll come back.

Caleb the Lion said...

Skylana! I remembered hearing yours and Seth's version of Baby It's Cold Outside on myspace a few years back, so I decided to google your name and it brought me here instead.
Fantastic writing!
And absolutely true concerning grocery stores. My family doesn't see marketing in anything at all, so it's a bit frustrating for me to point anything like that out.