Thursday, January 7, 2010

our home

we are all settled into our new place and we LOVE it.
we love that its close to everything we could need,
like walking distance.
we love that its three bedrooms.
we love that it has a park in the complex.
we love that it has a washer and dryer.
we love that it has a cute little yard.
we love how we are decorating it.

this is the first time since we got married four years ago
that we are actually making a space our own.
when we first got married we only had furniture handed down to us.
it was pretty but not completely our style.
when we first moved down here we intended on decorating,
but with all that happened this year we just didn't care.

now we have moved, the atmosphere is clear and happy.
we are together and happy.

here is our home.

the little yard.
where i have started, just barely started, a space for a veggie garden.
where arabella rides her hello kitty bike.
where my girls have tea parties at their tiny table.

our dinning room.
where we can now enjoy the company of all our friends over food.

our kitchen.
that actually holds all the things we have.

the living room.
that feels like home.

arabellas room.
her first big bed.
her first big girl room all to herself.
where she sleeps.
all through the night.

nolas room.
we have yet to bring her crib over,
but she sleeps happily in her porta crib for now.
this is her very first time sleeping without her big sister.

our room.
my absolute favorite place in the world.


Erin said...

It is beautiful! beautiful.

meg said...

I'm always impressed with how fast you completely move in.

But I'm more happy for the new space for your little family, the old 'fresh start' as it were. And I love the new couch

Anonymous said...


skylana said...

Well edwina.... I don't really know what to say to that... Except to all my other readers, if that's a link.... Don't click on it :)

E said...

Yes!!! My panoramic wasn't working out so well anyway. I love it.

Just wish we could be the friends that enjoy a meal around that table with you.

So glad you love your new home!

ParadisoPerDue said...

LOVE the bed spread and the blue bottles with twigs in them!!!!