Friday, April 4, 2008

the begginning of the end

bye bye "binky time"!

ara went down for her nap for the first time today without her ’binky time’ (oh thats just a super gross name i came up with for her pacifier) ha. she has had a pacifier since the night after she was born (sick i know) but only been allowed to have it for nap and bed time and super tough times in the car and rare cases when she’s teething or sick.... but no more.
i cut the end off this morning (that’s what almost everyone says to do, and they all say it works fast) we hope this is true. i gave it to her, she didn’t like it, i told her it was broken and i couldn’t fix it, she handed it to me and i put it away and layed her down. i asked her if she could go to sleep and she nodded.... and she did. this could be an easy weening or a rough week ahead... but its time for the ’binky time’ to be over..... we will see. she has been back to normal the past few days as far as the defiance and crazy mood swings and yelling are concerned.... so hopefully it will be easy for me to deal with this even if its hard since that phase seems to be over and that phase prepared me for whatever issues may arise from this....

all my fingers are crossed.

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