Friday, April 4, 2008

stop me if you've heard this one

but have i written about how arabella has started making her dolls and bears ’act’ things out? she makes them say ’hi’ and makes them ’cry’ and then rocks them back and forth to comfort them... she also likes to make them eat and dance! i LOVE it. her voice is super high when she makes them say ’hi’ as apposed to the lower voice she normally uses when she is saying ’hi’ to someone.

she also has gotten wild with her dancing and with music, she claps on beat, a lot and its amazing watching her when we put music on she tries different ways of dancing and her face gets really thoughtful and i swear you can see her trying to find the beat.... and then she does and dances accordingly. its insane... i mean i guess its not that big of a surprise that its in her, its just amazing to see because we dont play music for her a lot and even seth doesn’t play guitar at home much, its so obvious that its just something that’s in her... she started ’singing’ soooo young and has since, its not just a baby making noises and she started dancing at 8 months..... i never thought i’d have a musical kid cause people are always like ’oh h you gonna be a singer like your daddy’ and its just annoying.... so i was like ’just because a parent does music, doesn’t mean their child is going to also’ but she really really really has it in her, deep inside her, we can see it, its weird. but also awesome.

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