Friday, April 4, 2008

its 4:58 in the morning

i am ususally a pretty ’in control’ person and in any given situation its not very hard for me to decide what needs to be done and take action.... but in the particular situation i am in now i never quite feel like i know the right thing to do, and relative to other moms i’m probably in this situation A LOT....

seth just called at 4:30, he was coming home from a show in LA and ran out of gas, not uncommon in this household.... although i still dont quite understand why.... anyway so he ran out of gas by santa margarita and had to walk about a mile to a call box cause his phone was dead. so here i am 4:30 in the morning with a husband in the middle of nowhhere in the dark, near a creepy state hospital... and a tiny girl sound asleep, who if woken so late in the night would be up for the day.... and its cold outside.

would you get her out of bed? or call one of 4 relatives who live within a mile and see if they can get him?

i never know whats better, wake them or her. i always choose wake them though.

this time i called jason, i figured he had just got home (to paso), he had seen seth pull off and not put two and two together, so its kinda his fault too? ha..... anyway i really wanna know what you other parents would do in this situation.... and hopefully i wont have to be in it ever again!

its 5:11 now (it didnt really take me 13 minutes to write this small amount, my computer died in the middle and i had to get the charger and blah blah blah....) and i’m still waiting for him.... stressful.

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A thankful heart said... make me first glance, i thought of course i would go get rex...but then i had to think...hmmm that has happened..and i think i told him to walk to his parents (about a mile away) and borrow a car...great wife eh? theres a good laugh!