Friday, April 4, 2008

government... a family member in need?

i was reading about arabellas savings bonds to see what i needed to do for them and how they accrue and all .... and the other day i got the letter the gov sent out to everyone telling them about the extra money we’ll get from the economic stimulus package and i just keep having this feeling like our government is my broke family member who’s in debt and keeps trying to buy stuff or give me presents and i know they dont really have it to give.... its that awkward like, ’oh thanks for the gift cerificate, but i feel really awkward cause i know you’re in a lot of financial trouble and probably shouldn’t be giving this to me’ ... besides that do we really think this is going to ’stimulate’ our economy? most people are in such financial trouble they’re going to save it or pay off debt with it..... not go buy more crap they can’t afford... i (kind of?) hope anyway. its really a catch 22. buy more things we can’t afford and stay in debt, keep being consumers trapped by interest, bad loans and false credit ... or stimulate our economy with the lowly amount of 600-1200 bucks and hopefully reverse this recession? something in me tells me, this isn’t the solution..... but i am glad to have an extra 1200+ whatever extra for having a child... its going straight to our carefully written already in action ’pay off all debt this year’ plan. exciting.

our country needs to schedule a meeting with suze orman. asap.

oh georgie porgie.

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