Tuesday, August 19, 2008

for erin h.

so.. today i went on a walk with my friend/neighbor and she asked what i was like before i had ara... i kinda told her, but it was hard to remember..... i dont really hang out with any of the same people... so i asked seth and we colaborated on this list....

sorry to be so pixelated

pre-ara skylana

ate crappy food (like hot dogs from 7 eleven, um meat, lucky charms, white everything, margarine, fake maple syrup on ego's)

HATED black beans, avocado, Belgian waffles, maple syrup, peanut butter & bananas

never ran a day in her life and weighed barely over 100pounds.

didn't even know who colin powell was, and told seth when he was going to register her to vote that he could choose whatever party he wanted FOR HER.

thought bush had precious eyes.

had no idea what a homeopathic remedy was... or a parabyn.. or sodium laureth sulfate... or any chemical.

did her hair EVERY single day and picked out an outrageous outfit EVERY day, all of this taking about two hours.

didn't think about beliefs or God, just took what she heard.

selfish. whiny. talked to seth in baby voices (FREAKING SICK)

didn't care if the house was clean, or the laundry, or if dinner was made.

had no motivation to do... well anything.

care free, wasn't afraid of anything (well still throw up) but she would skate board down the parking structure, at night... even though she didn't even really know how... she'd get a concussion, but at least she did it.)

wanted to bone like 4 times a day.

also wanted to have 4 kids.

loved to drink gin and tonics.

loved USweekly. seriously. like not just for the pictures... and even more embarrassing, subscribed to it.

talked about gross things ALL the time (like blow jobs, sex and poop)

would try to be someones friend even if it was hard or she didn't like them.

didn't really have a best friend.

was never passionate about anything.

said she would never live without the ocean or with snow.


eats great food (like asparagus with garlic, beans and rice, whole wheat, real butter, real maple syrup on home made high protein whole wheat bran
blueberry Belgian waffles)

LOVES black beans, avocado, Belgian waffles, maple syrup, peanut butter & bananas.

runs everyday, or at least water classes when pregnant... not 100 pounds.

cares about what goes on in the world therefore knows who colin powell is/was.

DOES not think bush has precious eyes. (glad seth chose democrat)

only uses homeopathic remedies, unless in very serious illness. doesn't use stuff with parabyns.. or sodium laureth sulfate... or tons of chemicals.

do my hair when i have time. which isn't a lot. and NEVER take TWO hours to get ready or do anything that is especially just for me.

question EVERYTHING that anyone says about God, think about who he is all the time and search for him.

not selfish, or whiny... NEVER talk to seth in baby voices. sometimes ara though.

cleans the house every day and HATES when its messy. and does the laundry every day. and makes dinner, well pretty much every day.

motivated to do anything and everything... needs some free time to work that out.

um, a little bit uptight... certainly not carefree.

doesn't want to bone 4 times a day. sorry. who has time for that? or energy? oh me, WITHOUT A KID.

would probably shoot herself if she had 4 kids.

loves to drink gin and tonics. cant at the moment, but still loves it.

hates us weekly, but does loves the pictures. and will look at it sometimes when i remember at the grocery store.

talks about gross things, but not ALL the time... and though still blow jobs,sex and poop now with the added pleasure of placentas and childbirth.

doesn't try to be friends with someone unless its truly truly worth it.

has two of the best friends anyone could have.

is VERY passionate about natural childbirth, healthy food and natural living.

will live without the ocean and with the snow, for my family.

thank God arabella was born.


MEGAN said...

found your blog, through emery's I think. I enjoy reading it.


meg said...

i love the compilation of who's who. this is a good thing to do ever few years i think. I just had this done to me in person from andy's family. times change.

Andrea June said...

So I never hung out with you before Arabella, and I don't hang out with you now, but I can honestly say that you sound like a completely AWESOME person post-Arabella.
Thank Jesus there are other non-republican Christians out there that aren't afraid to say it!