Tuesday, August 19, 2008

highlights of my life.

arabella has been SUPER cute today.
doing her 'old man' walk and just laughing.
spilling cheerios on the floor and then trying to 'wipe' them up with a napkin.
bless her lil heart.
grabbing my hand and trying to lead me somewhere as i say 'tell me with your words where you want me to go' and with all her might she explains 'this way!'
(i had kinda figured that)
talking to nola and then looking up at me and saying 'sisser?'
following me to the kitchen throwing her hands up at me and saying 'mitch'
(which in our house means 'miss you')
wanting to hold hands with bree (who's 5 months old) and go for a 'walk'
sitting on the coffee table just whispering to herself 'ara, poopie, ara, poopie'

its like everyday she is becoming more of a little girl and along with it she just gets better and better....

here are some pictures of the last few days...

baller status earrings and helping me mop

playing dress up with annabelle

lovin on bree

and her super cool 4th of july stickers from trader joes esp cool in combination with tie dye socks.


meg said...

so freakin' great. love her.

stinamarie said...

def super cute. must melt your heart!