Sunday, September 21, 2008


we went to agape today.

there were a lot of black people there, which was really really refreshing, which may sound weird, but when you live in a town where there's hardly any diversity around and then you finally see some, it just feels how it should be. plus if you know me you know my two favorite kinds of people are asian people and black people...

the worship leader was AWESOME.

not my kind of church (if i do have a kind) but you could see the people's hearts on their sleeves and i loved that. i appreciate when people are genuine and that's what i saw there.

* side note: super awkward. there was a baby that was probably like 4 or 5 months there and she had a big red birth mark on her face.... and you know ara with her colors... so the whole time we were talking to her dad arabella was pointing saying 'red red'! ahhh. and the dad was like 'what's she saying' seth diverted him... but we felt so bad. i know there will only be a million more embarrassing or uncomfortable things that come out of her mouth but... this is the beginning.