Monday, October 27, 2008

i'm pretty hip

i am in so much pain i literally dont know what to do.

i feel so lame because i think its silly that i'm in so much pain just from being pregnant. i feel like it seems like i'm being so dramatic or something...

but seriously my hip hurts so bad that i'm limping/waddling. it looks real weird.
seth was just laughing at me while i walked back to our bed from going to the bathroom for the 50th time.

i've tried going to the chiropractor and it felt better for like a second... i had seth massage my hip/BOOTY and it worked ... for like a second also. i can't pick arabella up because it sends sharp pains through my back and hip.

and i can barely do stuff around the house cause just walking hurts so bad.

i feel helpless and there's nothing more i hate than feeling like i can't do everything myself.

i'm not a fan of relinquishing control.

and i had contractions again last night... then nothing.

i hate this part, im getting the feeling of 'i seriously cant do this anymore.... but there is absolutely nothing i can do about it.' so i guess somehow i can do it, because i have to.


Erin said...

That sucks so bad. And if it makes you feel better I didn't feel bad till the very end of being preg... so hopefully this means Nola will be here so soon. I feel like your body can only take so much, you know? Sorry that you feel so awful, it'll be over before you know it. And then just imagine the relief you'll feel as soon as you get that baby out. The best feeling ever.

Beth McDermott said...

please dont hunt me down and cut my hair in my sleep for what i am about to say... but i felt the EXACT.SAME.WAY at the end of my 4 year long pregnancy when anabelle was FREAKING TWO WEEKS LATE (and 10lbs big)... my midwife stripped my membranes THREE TIMES and nothin, she kept saying, 'have sex, have sex, have sex...' i flipped her off SEVERAL times when she wasnt looking, butthen went home and had a nervous breakdown and basically PLEADED for mercy from poor poor tyson. at 1am i was 6cm dilated and she was born at 11:27 the next morning. DO IT. what do you have to loose at this point, right?

Sarah Corbett said...

i'm so sorry you are having these pains; i remember these all too well. every morning when i woke up, i felt like i'd been hit by a semi truck. all anyone could tell me was that these pains were "normal". hahaha, nothing about those pains felt normal! i'm so excited for you and your family. HANG IN THERE...i know you have no choice and that sounds so lame, but from what i know about you, you sound like such a strong woman :) Isn't it great to know that as soon as Nola comes out, all that pain is gone; its amazing!

Cheatwoods said...

Oh dear, dear dear friend. I know how you mean! This is my third baby in 4 years and I feel that way and I am 2 months away from a baby! Everytime I stand up I feel like my who who is goign to fall off. It hurts so bad! I just need to stop having babies!
Its well be over soon! Hang in there, its just how the last few days are.......hell on earth!