Wednesday, October 29, 2008


ara has this book and on one page it just says


she stopped me there and pointed out and said what each letter was only asking what the m, n, and k were.

then we read her alphabet book, which usually i tell her the letters and she tells me what they are for... but today i thought i'd just ask her what the letters were too... and she named all of them except i had to tell her j, q and z and told me what they were all for!

i know she's been learning letters lately from just constantly she points to letters everywhere and says 'this letter is?' but it just seems crazy to me that she can really recognize so many letters already...

she'll be reading to me by december! haha.

she does the same thing with each thing she learns though, we teach it to her once and then everywhere we go she asks, like she did with colors and she does it with shapes and she sings a song she learned from pbs about lines circles and squares...

she is a kid. straight up.

just a couple funny things she did the other day..

*our friend erin got her a beauty and the beast book and they're dancing on the cover. ara looked at belle and said 'pwincess belle' and she just looked over at beast pointed at him and said 'WOA'.

* she got a card from my grandma for halloween and she loved it. then she opened it and saw money inside, she yelled 'oooooooooooh monnnney!' and literally threw the card on the ground! seth and i were shocked. we use cash for everything but we have not taught her anything about it... but she's picked up its importance on her own i guess... scary. we take the money and save it for her anyway so.. it didn't last long.

* also she seems to be moving in a new direction... she WONT sleep with her bear anymore who she has slept with FOREVER, she only wants baby and she just says 'no bear, no bear, no bear!!!' and the other day (i never thought this moment would come) she wanted to play with her princesses she picked belle up and she had baby poopie in her other hand, she paused looked at them both and then threw baby down and ran away with belle! crazy. anyone who has spent any time with her knows how intense that decision was.

* we got the tub ready for our birth and its just a blow up pool and has fishies on it, which she loves... she thinks its a bed though... anyway she named one of the fish skylana.

*she's been playing on her own A LOT lately and totally has a little imagination, its so great.... she was playing with the cloth diapers laura made me and i heard her talking to herself saying 'baby, come out baby!' and then later she was playing with two red plastic cups and she had them on her ears and was saying 'headphones! headphones!' . i love this phase of alone time! i needed it and its super cute to hear her in her room just talking to herself. if she's not playing in her room or just around the house talking she wants to read books. fine with me!!

*she also has started saying 'thank you' every time we get something for her without us prompting her at all. so polite.

*also she's suddenly become scared of certain things out of nowhere, she said she was scared of the vacuum but i convinced her it was safe... but she is super scared of the cat on the cover of this book...

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Sarah said...

i love these stories! so precious!