Tuesday, October 21, 2008

swiss bliss

seth's friends from switzerland came over last night... they were cool, sweet, brought us chocolate and had no crazy reaction when they asked where we were having nola and our response was 'here'. ... they thought it was totally normal... which is a nice change in reaction. you can be sure that they were awesome by the evidence left behind... i dont know what happened on gossip girl last night because i skipped it to hang out with them and didn't even realize i was missing it! something i dont skip for my best friends.

there were many things that are wonderful about switzerland that we talked about, but the thing that stuck out the most was that evidently toilets dont clog there. ever.

our toilet clogs oh.. ALL the time. its worse than a normal toilet because the bottom is shaped like a rectangle kind of, super weird.... anyway it got clogged when they were here and they didn't know what to do. they didn't even remember what a plunger was called... and we asked if they had plungers and they couldn't remember every having one or using one. they said the toilet has gotten clogged but it was so long ago they couldn't remember it or what they did about it.. 'just left it and came back later and flushed it down?' they guessed.... awesome. also they loved the gummi bears too and we all watched the theme song together in english then in german.

in other news....

*ara got elmo chonies and has been potty training the past few days and is doing really well at it. i hope i'm not jinxing myself right now. i asked her a thousand times at target if she was sure she wanted elmo instead of princess chones. she was sure.

*my cervix is super soft and slightly open... perfectly ready for labor.

*my friend erin had her baby last night and i'm inspired.

*i got a cheap wet to dry flat iron and it works surprisingly well, so expect me to look nice the next time you see me.

*ara has a new trick called 'spiritual'... a video will come soon.

*i cut a girl's hair from meg's sewing class and she told me, which seriously happens any time i cut someones hair, that i did it so much better than the professional she's been going to. maybe i really should have finished school.

all in all life is good, i feel good... i feel ready for nola to come, but not impatient and i realized yesterday that my due date is literally two weeks away, nar nar binks. i kept thinking it was 6 weeks away... so that's cool.


Sarah said...

will you cut my hair too? lol i need some tips of the trade

omg i think it might be worth it to move to switzerland simply because of the fact that toilets don't clog...i'm serious...i hate breaking out the plunger.

i just caught up on last night's gossip girl. =D

Sarah said...

youtube!! my life saver!! you gotta get there quick though, because after a few days, youtube will pull the videos because they violate the cw's copyright. youtube "gossip girl season 2 episode 7 part 1/5." you have to watch it in parts, but hey at least no commercials! =]

love said...

im going to switzerland in a couple weeks! I'd love to hear good recommendations from a local..