Tuesday, December 9, 2008

i like to get high by...

i went to the gym yesterday.
that is what i needed.
i ran 2 miles, did crunches and stretched a ton... i thought it was going to be so hard after not working out for so long, but it was super easy, i could have gone longer even and i just felt more amazing than i could explain. i wanted to scream out loud i felt so happy and just physically i felt sooooooooo good. even though it was just an hour, getting away from ara and nola was beyond needed. so good.

and here's ara doing her 'exercises'.

rock a bye little nola (i'm sure this will look scary to some of you. dont worry babies are tougher than they seem)

i forgot to upload this one earlier from the zoo.

and lastly, abc's


Hello said...

I miss that little munchkin sooo much!

Beth McDermott said...

yes, thats right sistah. run that rage right out! theres nothing like it. oh, except maybe when you have TWILIGHT on your IPOD... talking about being able to go forever... ha.
so... when do we gym party together?