Monday, December 8, 2008

this weekend.

we went and got our tree. in case you're wondering.. its a blue spruce. that's why its blue.

seth cut it down... then picked it up.

and carried it.... through the tree field....

and to our car

here's ara at home with the tree and her crazy princess towel that has a blinking light on it... haha thanks aunt laura.... i never thought i'd love stuff like that, but when ara LOVES it.... i can't even help it.

then we went to target to get arabella stuff for her birthday and christmas... it was so insane. we wanted to get her two toys, one for her birthday one for christmas and then get her clothes. it was so hard to figure out what we wanted to get her cause we didn't want to get little things she would play with for like one day. in the end we found the PERFECT things... i'll post them when she gets them. i'm so excited. anyway while there we found the following toys and we thought wow what a good way to tell your kids....

aim high.

and this which i loved for obvious reasons

cause really, lets be honest, is it ever too early to start them on hamburger helper and fries?

and as the last hurrah of the weekend i decided to sleep talk/walk last night. maybe it was cause my two too strong gin drinks had put me into such deep sleep... hmmm

anyway seth says he gave me nola cause she needed to eat and i proceeded to feed her...

the remote control.

and then when he tried to bring it to my attention i evidently argued with him as to why it was perfectly normal to be feeding her the remote and that i was NOT crazy... as i explained we had put 'pieces of milk in it earlier' (in my dream i was giving her her bottle and i was telling him i had just put the milk in it earlier) i woke up in the middle of this and started laughing and seth laughed too, then as they say usually happens with sleep walkers if you wake them, i got really mad and annoyed at seth for laughing at me and blamed it on him. i was still half asleep as i tried to further explain that it wasn't my fault because i was just 'their' son.. (i know here i was saying i was susan and mikes son) and that i was stuck in the show (desperate housewives) and seth was supposed to come get me out cause it was the end and he didn't. i was so mad at him. ... and at the end of all of it i said 'that was my dream' and went back to sleep. seth said he stayed up and kept on eye on me for a while cause he didn't know what else i might try to 'feed' nola.

he says he wont ever get the picture out his head. me giving her the remote her with her eyes wide open and confused just trying to nurse the corner of the remote.


ohhellocupcake said...

this is hilarious! i always get mad when i wake up talking in my sleep.

one of my favorite blogs is i think you might enjoy it. she's also a part of and, even though i'm not a mom, i still find both of them interesting and funny.

love you, and my love to the fam as well. xoxo.


Steph said...

haha thanks for this, it made my morning happy. those must have been some pretty yummy gin drinks!!!

Josh (the oak) said...

blue spruce is the best and ONLY kind of christmas tree. you made baby santa claus proud with your tree choice.

MrsJessicaWoods said...

cupcake...nice with the momversation suggestion this is my favorite blogsite! its great...dooce is cool but i think i like girls gone child better.
i was going to suggest these sites to you too skylana thats why i felt like i should say amen take a look cause its nice to just relate to other moms instead of trying to handle being mommy all on your own :) i know i need help. every day!
also, this talking in your sleep/dreaming situation you had going on is too funny!
and another also, the mcdonalds play food is crazy! i have never seen this displayed at a store before but maybe i just didnt see it/wasnt looking in the right areas. yikes.

The Avilas said...

that was hilarious. the story was great, and I especially like the pictures of Seth carrying the tree over his head.

Flo Oakes said...

I've seen the McD's play food before. They have others too..Subway I believe. Sooooooo crazy. Crazier that they have the cash register so they can pretend to be employees.

Also, you look amazing already!
Your body is going to come back in no time.

This summer, when I'm in CA, you should come visit and we can be hot moms together.

That middle of the night thing is sooooo funny.

Also, how crazy was that very last scene on Desperate Housewives?
Gave me the creeps all night.

Amanda said...

That is so funny. I can't help but picture that poor little baby trying to eat off the remote. It cracked me up.

Gombojav Tribe said...

Those toys are hilarious! What is even worse is the person who says, "I found the perfect thing for the kids!" and takes it home all excited. Yikes.