Thursday, February 19, 2009


ok lil grommits. i know 400 of you read last night. 2 comments? step it up.

oh and i've been meaning to say sorry that all my links on the side have become incredibly tiny.... i did something. seth needs to fix it... but he hasn't.

today i woke up, still insanely crazy wild tired dragging myself out of bed... even though nola only woke to eat at 245 and then 521. and both times for only like 10 minutes and then went right back to sleep... BUT i didn't wake up with a headache! amazing. i took my iron and b vits and fish oil yesterday, i'm seriously going to try and take them everyday. i HATE taking vitamins. they just taste so sick and i feel like i can taste my stomach after i have them. oh well.. worth it.

i hung out with my dear dear friend ryan yesterday. he is seriously the best. what a svweetheart. he got me and ara some drinks at coffee bean then held nola for a bit and made me promise i wouldnt feel like i was imposing on him if i asked him to come watch the girls. i promised. he's a good one. that helped the end of my day get happier. ... ara bit nola again.. i thought we had gotten past it cause it had been a few days since a bite.. but i was wrong. this left the biggest marks yet. sad. i went by an amazing preschool yesterday... its all up in the air.. i dont know what we're doing but i'm in love with the preschool i went to.

today becky, jake and i think kevin are coming down to hang out with me and the girls during the day and then going to get a friend from the airport at 9. i'm really really excited for them to come, arabella will be beside herself with joy... cant wait.

then tomorrow we're coming to slo!
so... if you are my friend in real life... text me. dont call. lets hang out cause seth's gonna be recording non stop.... lookout downtown here i come!

yesterday when we were driving on the freeway ara was like 'oh bye!!!! that was cameron and anna.'


and then she started yelling 'grandma!! paki!!! where are you????!!'

i love how she thinks they can hear her wherever they are.

well.. random blog.. just lettin ya'll know whats up.

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