Wednesday, February 18, 2009

sick or not sick

that is the question.

i dont know if i'm sick or not. is that weird?

i've been having headaches a lot and been CRAZY wild tired. seths been letting me sleep in til 8 i've been taking naps and i just feel tired ALL the time. i have some other things going on that remind me of pregnancy, but i'm pretty sure i'm not pregnant because on top of trying to not get pregnant i take sporadic pregnancy tests... i should take more though. just in case. i feel like i'm sick.. but i dont have sick symptoms... like a runny nose or congestion or a sore throat or a cough or anything.



Flo Oakes said...

That's how I felt when I had mono.

E said...


chewing ice...wanting red meat...super tired.

time for a blood test maybe?

Emery Jo said...

are you getting enough iron? vitamin d? When I'm not getting enough of those I feel that way too. But I know you eat super healthy... maybe a supplement could help? My midwife told me I need more iron when i'm nursing than i did when i was preggo. i thought that was wild.

Flo Oakes said...

YES...totally forgot about iron and vit D. Get the liquid herbal based iron at the healthfood store and vitamin d3 ("from fish oil") at the health food store too.

Maybe it will help.

Erin said...

You sound kind of like me. My headaches are getting better but I was having them ALL the time and I'm so so tired, it's unbelievable. I kept thinking I was preg but I'm not. These are actually all sypmtoms of anxiety and depression which I know I have. I started taking a B-Complex supplement and a ton of fish oil and I'm feeling a whole lot better. Talk to your midwife.

Sarah Corbett said...

I have had all of these things for the past few months...all of the pregnancy symptoms, but i knew i was not pregnant. i went to the doctor to have a bunch of blood work done, and they came up with frustrating. I hope you find out what's going on. I'm so tired all the time that sometimes i think its making me a crazy person!