Friday, March 6, 2009


evidently she's always trying to make her fingers do things like 'thumbs up' and 'two' and 'pacify nola' in pictures....

dancin with papa and his sweet new highlights

crafts. we never do crafts but this mirror was a gift from my friend amy for aras birthday and it was sooooo fun to do, we might start doing crafts more often. when the stickers were taken off that tummy their memory was kept alive buy a red rash in that exact pattern.

aaaaand her make out sesh with genesis. me and deborah could not stop laughing, as ara could not stop letting genesis lick her entire mouth... she actually got gagged by genesis' tongue a couple times.

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Allegra said...

You dress your daughter in the BEST clothing! Where do you find such adorable tights and shoes and vest and, and, and!!!