Monday, April 27, 2009

tagsville. *rules added.... duh

aight peeps. flo did this, she didn't tag anyone (lame) but i'm doing it because i WANT to tag people, bad.....
take a photo of yourself as soon as you see you've been tagged and you're not allowed to primp or aquanet or grab your nearest BumpIt.
(as written by emery clark.)

how much do you LOVE my HUGE eyebrows!?!?!?! i do.
also since i've moved here i have about 50 more freckles, luckily freckles are super in. hahahahhaa...

ara made me take one of her too...

E. (highly doubt you'll do this for me) but maybe i can get a karl out of it... ah ahhhhh
travis. (maybe this will at least produce a post)
erin b.
erin h.

i'd like to tag more people but ya'll dont have blogs!!!! get one.... and i'll tag you!


Monica said...

not fair that you look great no matter what

Flo Oakes said...

I know it was lame for me to not tag, but honestly, it was out of sheer laziness. The only person I even thought of tagging was you, so I'm glad you did it!

Also when you're blonde, it reminds me of when we first met and I LOVE that. And love the hair too. Love ya.