Monday, June 15, 2009


my light was green.

before i could think i saw his face, took my foot off the gas pedal, and thought of nola.

our cars slammed together with a crunch i saw my airbag come out in slow motion as i was thrust forward into my steering wheel and i heard her cry.

everything stopped, i smelled oil and smoke.

i got out of the car as fast as i could and ran to my baby.

she smiled when she saw me.

everything was ok.


on the way to pick up arabella from preschool today i got in a car accident. i was driving east on agoura rd and the car i ran into was turning to their left across my lane. they were supposed to yield to me, instead they turned when i was almost already in the intersection and then stopped in front of me.

i had a witness, thank god, a sweet lady who knew my light was green and knew they stopped in front of me, she called the police for me. the police were very sweet and took care of everything. they gave him a citation and called the fire department to make sure nola was ok.

our car is most likely totalled, but we will see.

luckily it was the other persons fault but whether they deem it theirs or ours we have a small deductible and gap insurance.

i'm so so so thankful that nola is ok. my nose, neck and back hurt but i'm great.

our car... sad.

the insurance company just called me and informed that i can no longer use nola's carseat, BUT they are sending me a check for the amount they sell for so i can go get a new one.

i am feeling dizzy, like i can't focus very well and my hearing is weird. i dont know what that means.


Anonymous said...

wow, i just popped online and saw this on facebook... that is one of my fears... being in an accident with my kids... i am so glad you are both okay.

air bags really freak me out. so do car accidents. i've had too many friends die in those...

SOOOOO glad you are okay! and nola!

Erin said...

I'm so glad you guys are okay!

The McCabe's said...

Very glad you guys are OK. Good luck with the insurance stuff. -Will

Jennifer said...

poor car! i'm glad you are both ok and that it wasn't your fault. be careful for at least 6 can take that long for head injury stuff to show up (yes, i'm a nerd).

Happy Girl said...

Wow, I am so glad you are both ok. Take care of yourself, did you get checked out at the hospital? You might want to consider it as the car insurance will probably cover it.
But the thing I am happiest about is you and Nola weren't severely injured! Love you, Aunt Lisa

kimberlea said...

first, super glad you are all ok. second, awesome that the airbags are pink.

E said...

Thank God for airbags, Britax car seats and high safety ratings on Honda CR-Vs!

I'm glad you're at the hospital, although I know it probably feels silly. Karl and I waited too long after our accident to get checked and it was a hassle to get the insurance to cover chiro appts months after the fact. You are definitely going to be wanting free adjustments and massages after this! I would give you a hug if I could right now. :)

A thankful heart said...

I agree with erin l...and after my accident at the scene...i didn't really speak up too much..but my dad came quick so he mentioned i was sore all over and the other guys insurance covered all those appts with the chiro..awesome!also, after he received the sitation he decided to fight it in court saying my blinker wasn't on (he sandwiched me between his huge 13peeps van and a truck!) and he said it was my fault...then he called ME as HIS witness to defend him...IDIOT!!! the police wouldn't let me defend him...obviously! and it sucked...but i still had to give my testimony:) ...true

an2nette said...

i'm happy that you're both ok, God bless you and your kids always