Saturday, June 20, 2009

bird by bird

i am reading bird by bird by anne lamott (which by the way i had to drive over fragments of my honda to get, because my crash happened right outside the library). this has evidently been passed through some of my friends and has made its way to me. i'm so thankful. reading this book is like reading myself sometimes. me and anne are definitely not the same, but as writers we think a lot a like... which im thinking most do. i have never in my life though of myself as a writer until somewhere along the lines of this past year i realized thats who i am. now i know that is who i am. its in me.

most of you probably know i have started writing a book. i get defeated and dont want to write, i get overwhelmed, i get so obsessed with making sure what i write is perfect. and its not. reading this book is helping me so much i can't even tell you.

today i actually got to sit and read it and take notes. i took notes on her instruction and i outlined characters. i got 5 pages down on my mother alone and i'm not done with her. its so helpful. i'm just crazy excited. anyway.....

seth being gone has been totally fine. i always forget this, that after the first night i get in my own world and i like being without him. doing the things i want to do, having alone time at night. not that i dont miss him... i just like being alone, a lot... i just forget that until i get into it.

so i spent some time writing while the kids slept. the girls were really good today, they went to bed really easy, our house is very clean, and now i'm watching HSM (oh and its the dance slash sing along marathon) like a freak and drinking wine. its good.


Happy Girl said...

Good book, I read it last year and loved it!
Glad to hear you are writing.

meg said...

so what happened, I went on FB to tell you something and you weren't there. what gives?

skylana said...

i hate facebook. i kept having issues because i was bored and wanted to go back on but every time i went back on i hated it... so i deleted it permanently. i'm bummed about you, drew and john... because that's really the only way we are in contact. we should remedy that.

meg said...

me, drew, and john, for a second I had no idea who you were talking about, haha. So...what can we do? Make an anonymous FB that's not your name and doesn't have a picture of you or doesn't say anything to the world that it's you and just friend people you WANT to friend, not HAVE to friend (if you get my drift)? That was all I could pull out of nowhere, your turn.