Wednesday, June 10, 2009

lipo6 baby!

save the Trimspa for good old haggard anna nicole (RIP)... i've got something better. this morning i woke up, ate a VERY large bowl of tortilini with alfredo sauce covered in romano at 9am, got officially disgusted with myself and went to gnc. thanks to a friend, i was pointed towards this lovely little gem. as most of you know i've been waiting to be done nursing to start taking diet pills. well, i'm done nursing. these pills are as far as i know, wonderful. i took one and got pumped. went to the gym for an hour and a half, ran like a maniac, sweat like a man, and i'm sure burned a million calories. people constantly tell me i dont need diet pills, but 'people' aren't with me when i'm naked. i'm pretty sure diet pills are the only way to mellow this food addict enough to get me back to perfectly pre baby. i can exercise like a fool but when it comes to cutting calories, no self control. not long term anyway. i'm super excited and i hope this will help me seriously kick the last ten pounds and get super.. ok... look out... i'm going to use it... TONED. also, as i can tell already, these things are definitely going to give me some extra energy i desperately need. those of you who knew me the last time i took diet pills, dont fret. this time they dont have ephedrine, i wont be taking 8 a day, and i'm not going to stop eating all food while taking them. (so hopefully no purple lips or passing out .. haha) ahh the good old days. anyway i'm on a road towards my fake titties and the journey is getting shorter, i'd like to be in my most prime before its time to add those extra booby pounds :)

p.s. while i was at the gym someone SERIOUSLY farted in my face! and the guy next to me was punching air... it was all very weird.


Anonymous said...

lol... i couldn't help but laugh at that last part. but seriously, you must have read my mind. i was going to ask you about post-pregnancy stuff because while i have lost all the weight, my stomach is just not toned. i know it's my horrible eating habits, but it's also the fact that i don't run or anything.

i was going to ask you what you were doing... haha. although, i'm a little scared to take pills and i don't know if i really need to, i don't want to be stick thin, but i just want to get that stomach looking like it used to.

so superficial, i know, but i just wanna be OLD ME again.

and fake boobs? come on, seriously, you do not need those!!! i would KILLLLLL to have your size. okay, so i wouldn't kill, but i would trade you ANY day for smaller ones.

skylana said...

It's not superficial to want to look your best, it's superficial if that's all you care about. And yes, I have wanted fake boobs since I was 16. No one, no one, will change my mind on this one... Right now I've got 36c's which are great but I'm going for D's and before you say that will look crazy on me cause I'm tiny, I already know how it looks on me cause of nursing... And it's awesome. It's taken me 8 years to convince Seth that I should get them and he finally approves... (I was going to get them either way, but it's nice having him on board)

MEGAN said...

I'm going to be HONEST, and put this out there. I wear a 34 DD, or a 34D depending on the bra, and I would KILL for a breast reduction. I am not overweight in the slightest either. I have to wear 2 sports bras for any workout, and even then at the gym, my boobs are bouncing away. I constantly have knots in my shoulder from the 2 sports bras and the weight of the boobs, and so few tops are flattering w/massive breats. Obviously my input isn't going to change your mind, but if you have C's, why go for D's?

Anonymous said...

right there with ya megan!

ohhellocupcake said...

i back you 100% on the boob job... i mean, hello?! take it from me, you'll be happy you did it.

as far as diet pills go, i've heard adderall is good. it's what they give kids with adhd.

p.s. you didn't hear ANY of this from me. ; )