Thursday, June 11, 2009

weather or not

Ok, I've had my fill. I'm really really sick of this weather. I need sunshine. If the sun doesn't show it's face, if I dont find myself on the beach real soon I'm gonna lose it. I know this is not a real post but I have a lot of stupid things to say lately and not many people to say them to... Oh and no facebook to post them to... So this is what happens! Haha...


meg said...

I'm shocked to say, it's been beautiful and sunny up here. Seems like we traded weather.

Anonymous said...

yeah, same on the east coast. nastiness. depressing.

reminds me of the time i was into witchcraft after watching "the craft" and i prayed to the sun gods during a gym class. the next day i got called to the principals office. someone told on me. said i was a witch. and they almost kicked me out of the school. the girl that told on me told her mom and her mom told the school. that same girl has not talked to me TO THIS DAY, thinking i am a witch.

yes, i'm sure you have some fun stories like that too. lol.