Thursday, June 11, 2009

time for backpack

arabella starts school on monday. i'm so ridiculously excited i can't even express it. she has been ready for school since she was like 18 months old as far as i'm concerned, we just couldn't afford to put her in, especially without a very good reason. i found a preschool that i loved when i first moved down here and even though i kinda looked into others, this one had my heart. i wont say what it is on here just so the world doesn't know where to find my child mon, wed & fri from 7:30-12:30... haha. i know that all toddlers are active and like stimulation, but theres not really anyway to describe just how 'involved' arabella is unless you know her. she has always been insanely social, really crazy intelligent and a non stop explorer. so its always been hard to keep her entertained, especially if we stay home all day... with no yard. people that know arabella know that she is so social that as a baby she never got fussy when we went out, she got fussy when we stayed home. anyway, all this to say she NEEDS this so bad she has for a long time but recently its gotten to a point i just cant handle anymore. obviously on top of her needing it.... I NEED IT. bad. to have time to myself is going to be amazing, to have time with nola without ara jumping on top of her, is going to be amazing.

i'm really excited about the school i chose because i love love love the director and owner, i love how they discipline, i love that the classes are SUPER small, i love the building and how clean and organized it all is, i love the events that they have, i adore the way they teach... its all exactly what i would hope for. they have movie nights in the summer too for the families where they put up a big projector and everyone sits on their huge lawn and eats popcorn and watches a movie. they have field trip type events that they bring to the school so your child gets super cool experiences without being a tiny child out in the big world without you there... they're really really into music and art, which is obviously super important to seth and i. so i could go on for about an hour over all the reasons i love this place, but i'll stop here. i'm very very excited and arabella is too, she loves her school, she loves the people there and she just keeps saying she can't wait! now we can put her purple backpack to use :)


meg said...

I love this and can't wait to hear all the awesome stories that come out of this happening.

skylana said...

shes actually starting tomorrow now! this is going to be so cute i dont think i'll even be able to stand it.

meg said...

I can't believe you aren't going to take a photo and do a mobile upload to twitter of her in her first day outfit with backpack. You're so, so cruel. haha

Mother Hen said...

um. shut UP. I can't even believe she is big enough for this and I can't imagine how cute she will be.

Anonymous said...

wait, why is she starting in the summer?

funny, i had your blog up on my computer and my 2-year-old saw the backpack and starting yelling, "pack pack, pack pack! doooora!"

i had no idea why till i came over and saw it up. haha. cute.